Interesting facts about our cups

Printed mugs - individual gifts

Printing cups - how do we do that?

We print our mugs with a special print - sublimation printing .
What is that?

For sublimation printing, cups must have a layer of polyester varnish. Therefore, not every cup made of porcelain or ceramic is suitable for this printing process. Before the actual printing process, we print the motif on a special sublimation paper. A heat-resistant adhesive tape then holds this printout on the mug. High temperatures and strong contact pressure in a mug press permanently transfer the design to the polyester base.

Since the colors do not liquefy, but turn directly into gases, the motif remains exactly the same. The color pigments penetrate the cup due to the heat instead of just sticking to the surface.

In short, our printed mugs are:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Sublimation printing, so no fading or peeling of the colors

Other pluses:

  • big handle
  • high quality ceramics
  • including a white gift box