Interesting facts about our glasses

Glasses with engraving

Why we ETCH and not (laser) engrave!

Do you like a glass of wine after work? Or rather a whisky?

Glasses with engraving - for a special feeling

Would you like to make your drinking experience even more personal? Then you are exactly right here! Our glasses are delivered with your name and motif engraved. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion or have a nice evening, our engraved glasses make it even more special.

The special features of our glasses

You may be thinking, "Well, there are several suppliers of glasses, what makes yours so special?"
  • Dishwasher safe
  • with motif AND name
  • Hand etched - no laser engraving
  • high quality glasses

Our glasses are etched by hand with lots of love. The glass retains its original stability and remains robust! This is not the case with the usual sandblasting process or laser engraving.

What does that mean?
The dishwasher doesn't mind an etched glass. With a laser-engraved or sandblasted glass, the surface of the glass is easily damaged and receives fine micro-cracks. This makes it easier for the glass to crack or break in the dishwasher.

Which glasses are available?
In principle, you can get any glass you like from us on request.

However, these glasses are always in stock:

  • red wine glasses
  • white wine glasses
  • Long drink glasses
  • whiskey glasses
  • shot glasses
  • champagne glasses
  • Drinking glasses for children in 2 different sizes

What are the motives?
We have a variety of motifs to choose from, which you can select in the online shop.
But individual motifs are also not an issue. If you have a specific motif that you would like on a glass, that's no problem.
We then create a template from your desired motif and put it on glass.